Vector-Creatives is NOT a music site. Yup you got that right, we don’t hype or promote artists as an occupation, but we DO love music. So we talk about, recommend, praise, rate and review the stuff that we’ve heard, been given etc from our neck of the woods (Port Harcourt) as well as from all around the country.

We present an avenue for new and established artists to network with and showcase their hard-work to potential and faithful listeners and fans.

So don’t expect Breaking News, exclusives et al, just our 10 kobo on lifestyle, entertainment, music and the business of music from a group of people passionate about music and Port Harcourt.

You will get lots of music…yes, lots of interviews and profiles…yes, videos and event news…plentifully, but we are not a magazine or pure music site. We are not experts, we are consumers and are open to artists and fellow consumers.